This week, I took a really huge step toward my goal of becoming a more well-rounded filmmaker.  Thanks to the generosity of Gusto Lopez at The Life in Digital, a photography/video studio based in Oakland, I had the opportunity to shoot some behind the scenes footage on a fashion shoot.  It was a new experience for me being behind the camera and actually operating it.  As a producer/writer, I have had the experience on set of making things work out logistically, or talking to the director on the side to make sure we are all on the same page as far as the words on the script page go.  But on this shoot, I was in a total non-verbal place.  I was thinking about keeping people in focus, about trying to create a decently composed image, and most importantly, I was trying to stay in the moment, which is challenging when you are behind the camera.

I can’t predict what the footage I shot will look like, but I’m hopeful Gusto can get something out of it.  I’m also looking forward to working with him in the future.  He’s a real pro–both as far as skill and as far as how he dealt with the client.

image of Gusto Lopez, photographer

Gusto Lopez in action

Gusto Lopez and model, outside

Gusto giving direction to model

image of Gusto's studio

Gusto’s amazing studio in the heart of Oaktown

gusto in action Marvelous

Gusto on the move!


On other news, this week, I’m meeting with the mighty Shane Evangelista and the marvelous Masa Sugawara to put the finishing touches on the zombie video. We need to get this done in order to get ready for the next thing. A web series about a struggling actor who wins the lottery–by accident. It’s called The Method, and we are looking to start shooting in February.  STAY TUNED!!